Warranty Information

Some items may be sold with a manufacturer or seller warranty. If an item comes with a warranty, it will be stated in the listing. Manufacturer warranties, if applicable, will be transferred by the buyer and administered by the respective manufacturer of the equipment. Our seller warranty (a non-manufacturer warranty) covers the cost of the replacement of parts only. Our seller warranty does not cover any labor charges incurred by the buyer.


We warrant that equipment purchased from Global Imaging Resources(GIR), will be covered under parts and labor for a period of Ninety(90) days from the date of confirmed delivery, unless otherwise stated on the sales invoice by a different time period. Imaging or CAD/CAM must be installed by certified, brand specific technicians/firms for the warranty to be effective. GIR can assist in locating a certified installation technician/firm, if necessary. We will work to remedy defects of which the buyer notifies GIR in writing during the Applicable Warranty Period at no charge to the buyer, to the extent such Defects are not the result, in whole or in part, of the willful or negligent act(s)or omission(s)of the buyer, its owners, agents, employees, contractors, or any third party. Such Defects will be repaired or replaced with like or similar products or parts, either new or pre-owned. GIR’s sole obligation and the buyer’s exclusive remedy under this warranty will be limited to such repair or replacement. THE BUYER WAIVES ANY AND ALL OTHER OR ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND REMEDIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL AND PUNITIVE DAMAGES, LOST TIME, LOST PROFITS, COST OF COVER (OBTAINING REPLACEMENT EQUIPMENT AND/OR PERFORMANCE FROM ANOTHER SOURCE), AND ANY AND ALL CLAIMS ARISING UNDER CONSUMER PROTECTION STATUTES, WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENERALITY OF THE FOREGOING, IN NO EVENT WILL GIR BE LIABLE TO THE BUYER FOR MORE THAN THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR THE ITEMS PAID TO AND RECEIVED BY GIR FROM THE BUYER.

All of our products are provided with a warranty that covers all parts and labor for the specified period of time on each listing. Each item is tested to see that it meets industry or manufacturer specifications. On imaging xrays and sensors, a series of test images are taken at the de-install, or on all of our sensors, at our recertification facility.

While we do work hard to minimize any issues in the field, we are not perfect! Should any arise after delivery/installation, we will either remote in to solve the problem or send a local qualified professional to evaluate and solve.

Buyer Responsibilities

GIR’s Seller’s Warranties are expressly subject to the following conditions:

Buyer must contact GIR to receive a Warranty or Return Authorization number (RMA). GIR WILL NOT be liable for any charges incurred by the Buyer for any unauthorized repairs or ordered parts, prior to obtaining an RMA or authorization from GIR.

  • Buyer must notify GIR of any defect(s) you may discover in parts or equipment within 90 days (of confirmed delivery date) and such notice must be made to GIR at:

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