The world of dentistry has been taken by storm by digital scanning devices. Appreciated by dentists and patients alike, a lot of work and scientific research has gone into the creation of such advanced devices like the Intraoral scanner. One key factor in this overall up-gradation of dental equipment is the Dental 3D Printer. We at Global Imaging Resources focus on this printer as its benefits are aplenty.

Our focus is on the process of 3D printing as it solidifies the technological advancement by guiding digital designs to the production stage. Dental 3D Printing takes the competencies of the digital design process that creates highly graphic and accurate depictions of the oral region by assisting the production stage. The combination of both intraoral and extraoral scanning along with the likes of CAD/CAM design and the technology of 3D Printers for Digital Dentistry, dental laboratories are being able to create precise crowns, bridges, stone models and a wide variety of orthodontic appliances.

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