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Make It Visible

Ideal for dental offices that want to perform in-office surgical implant procedures, the PreXion3D Eclipse also excels at 3D imaging for diagnosis in general dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, and endodontics, along with planning in oral-maxillofacial surgery.

PreXion Eclipse-XP77-3D-CBCT-Dental-X-ray

PreXion Elite-XP68-3D-CBCT-Dental-X-ray

PreXion XP77-3D-CBCT-PanCeph-Dental-X-ray

PreXion 3D-Excelsior-Panoramic

Imaging Technology

Moving You Forward

PreXion3D offers the highest image quality and most powerful software in the cone beam CT industry for precise implant planning, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, restorative, general dentistry and much more. PreXion’s advanced technology allows for greater functionality and provides you with excellent tools for diagnosing clinical criteria with higher levels of accuracy.

Fully Integrated PreXion3D Viewer Software

Ergonomic design with a small footprint

PreXion Data Server Solution

Top Quality 3D Imaging

High Resolution