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Carestream CS7400 Phosphor Plate Scanner

Carestream CS7400 Phosphor Plate Scanner

Manufacturer: Carestream (Kodak)

Model Number: CS7400

Starting at $4,950.00


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Intraoral scanners are built on a 3D capture technique. This technique is magnanimous as it is original and adds high value to every aspect of dentistry. IOS (Intraoral Scanner) enables dentists to take digital impressions of the patient’s oral area. The overall process is done in a highly easy and flexible way. This ease of use is heavily down to the device's unusually yet fantastically small hand-piece. The gesture control feature is also a bonus.

The Intraoral Scanner is easy to maintain and once the dentist gets the gist of it, it is very easy to use too. IOS was created to solve the rising demands of the dental profession for digital impressions. With such easy to use methods, IOS is set to achieve the dream of every dentist – allow him or her to focus more on the patient rather than the traditional devices which always required extra attention.