Heron Intra-Oral Scanner

  • UNCONDITIONAL 3 Year Warranty
  • No Fees
  • One Price: Scanner/Laptop/Software/Training/Warranty
  • Open Format
  • Fast! Scan an arch in under 1 min
  • Only 5 oz.
  • Simple, Easy To Use Software
  • USA Made with USA Support Teams
  • FREE Online Demo
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A cost-effective investment

The Heron™ INTRA-ORAL SCANNER is available, with a one-time affordable payment. There are no license or case fees. Plus, you get free, unlimited software updates. All of this adds up to a low and affordable cost of ownership for a digital intraoral scanning solution on the market.

Durability for your practice

The Heron™ INTRA-ORAL SCANNER features a lightweight, durable scanner with no moving parts, except the fan, which means no downtime. It’s pre-calibrated, meaning you can use it right out of the box and it includes reusable tips. Free software updates mean that you get a constantly improving solution; one that meets your scanning needs now, and in the future. The Heron utilizes a unique and proprietary technology that is designed to optimize the speed, accuracy and precision of the unit.

Creating a better patient experience

The Heron™ INTRA-ORAL SCANNER scanner’s lightweight design makes impression taking easier for you and the patient. The compact, ergonomic design means staff can work faster and more comfortably. The rotating tip allows for maximum maneuverability and the sleek build increases patient comfort. This makes the Heron™ INTRA-ORAL SCANNER one of the best Dental Intra-Oral Scanner on the market.

Maximizing your efficiencies

Heron™ INTRA-ORAL SCANNER offers a low learning curve, and with the intuitive case management software, staff can learn the system within minutes. The scanner requires no warm-up time, which means less waiting time for patients and less time spent in the chair. And the open architecture and built-in lab communication mean you can quickly and easily send files to your lab of choice.


Scanned my first Cosmetic Smile case with my new Heron 3Disc Scanner!! My patient got a new smile and I got a new toy!! The camera is the lightest weight camera I've ever used and the speed is awesome!! This is hopefully going to become my every operatory... everyday crown and bridge/night guard/appliance scanner. The price point is great!!
Dr. Nikki Green
Hello JW, so nice to see the face with the voice! Thank you again for all your help with my Heron Scanner! Love It!
Dr. Ivan Ho